The Big Move

I have recently started a 23 week course about Web2.0, Library2.0 and Social Networking called 23 things. Week 3 starts with setting up your own blog. The steps appeared quite simple until themes, customising and adding a photo seem to have halted my progress. Therefore without changing anything I am going to start my first blog:

This is the last week in our 1960’s city library before it closes for redevelopment. The redevelopment will take just over a year and provide an attractive versatile library ready for the next 50 years. This of course means we have to move everything out into a temporary home. Luckily we are only moving into an adjoining building! The temporary building is 20% smaller so everyone has been doing lots of stock work.

The builders, carpenters, painters and electricians have been in for the last 2 weeks getting the building ready for us to move in. They will continue working for the next month but already have the adult non-fiction section ready for use. Therefore skip after skip of non-fiction is being moved across on sack trucks. This is leaving huge gaps on the non-fiction shelves in the current library so lots of space for forward facing of the books.

Next week should be both interesting and exhausting. There will be the rush as borrowers take out books and AV before we close alongside the very busy half-term holiday period, all while we are trying to prepare for the move. We have a plan which I’m sure will have its flexibility tested.

Watch this space for developments.


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