We’re closed!

This week on the ’23 things’ training it is activity 4 – explore templates and widgets. So far I have managed to add a photo to my header and activate a Gravatar Profile Widget with picture, some information about me and a couple of links.

On the library front we closed on Saturday at 4pm for a month. The redevelopment project manager and library manager have filled the poster wall area with plans, timetables and spreadsheets for staff, stock and furniture. This morning started with a short explanatory overview of the next month and then straight in to training and stockwork. I chose training on Microsoft 2010 on the customer computers as our staff computers are still 2003 (to be be updated some time in the future). It was interesting exploring its features.

On the stock front the reference library shelves are looking very empty and it is the turn of the children’s library next. Luckily the public took a quite a bit of stock out before we closed, including Christmas books. Along with the stock the contents of the enquiry pods and desks are being emptied into skips for moving so we of course can’t find a pen, scrap paper or sellotape. Still library staff are very innovative. The junior shelving moves across Wednesday and then the plan is to have all the children’s stock on the shelves by the end of Friday.

Let you know next week if we met the planned target.


4 thoughts on “We’re closed!

  1. Ve says:

    Did you meet the planned target? Ve

  2. soolib says:

    The target of moving all the shelving and the stock that was on the shelving across was met. There are however piles and piles of skips and boxes of extra stock to move across and shelve. Still the junior library is taking shape and you can can now have an impression of what it is going to look like when finished.

    • Ve says:

      I understand that there are going to be journalists in tomorrow. Is it the Express and Echo only? Or will Exeter Children’s Library be a star of stage and screen?

  3. soolib says:

    We had a visit from one photographer, I assume from the Express and Echo. Project Manager Matt then took 2 people round who were asking him questions, could have been journalists? No film crews so it will not be featured on the tv.

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