central library

central library

November 2012 before redevelopment

23 Things @ Devon Libraries week 6: I have created a Flikr account today and have added it to my links in my blog personal profile. I uploaded 7 photos of the library as it was before we closed 2 weeks ago. I can find them on Flikr by typing into the Tag option exeter, devon, 23 or library seperately. However I cannot find them under Devon Libraries – 23 Things or 23 Things @ Devon Libraries, (I realise now that I changed the way I typed it into the tag half way through).

At present we spend our days loading and unloading piles upon piles of skips loaded with books, leaflets, stationery, etc. It looks good when you shelve a section but when you turn round the skips have multiplied. Still generally following our plan with 2 weeks 6 days before we open to go


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