World Book Day

World Book Day on March 8th was buzzing at the library.  I couldn’t be in 2 places at once so couldn’t take part in te Books with Buggies book group this month.  The author Sophie Duffy visited the group and entitled her blog about the event Books, Babies and Biscuits.  She called it a book group like no other and thought it was an amazing simple idea.  She liked that parents could meet up to discuss adult books in a safe informal setting with their babies and toddlers.  I however was downstairs with a class of 7 year olds in wonderful costumes of their favourite book characters from Horrid Henry to Robin Hood.  They were really attentive and enjoyed taking part in the story and book sorting games.  They then went in search of the authors and books of the characters they were dressed up as.  This was followed by a fantastic quiet reading session on the beanbags, lying on the floor, some sitting in pairs on one seat reading their favourite books.  Their teacher took photo after photo as she came across scene after scene she couldn’t miss.

23 Things @ Devon Libraries week 11 Facebook

 I have set up a Facebook account adding likes, etc.  However how does anyone have time to do everything.  I now have a work email, Googlemail, Yahoo and Facebook accounts to check.  Delicious, Google Reader and Facebook news feed all give me the same information.  I have my blog and next I need to set up Library Thing to finish week 11, so I can then get onto Twitter.  This I need so I can tweet about World Book Night. Maybe the Gadget and Social Media day will put it all into more perspective.


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