Library Camp SW

I had a very interesting day at Library camp SW at the University of Bristol on Saturday 27th July.  People were from a range of libraries; academic, public, museum, health etc including a completely digital library, and from linked occupations such as Library Management Systems and Bristol Literature Festival. It was an unconference so people pitched ideas at the start of the day for discussion sessions and you then you chose 5 of the 20 sessions which you were most interested in.


Luckily lots of people came to the session I pitched on innovation and came up with some exciting ideas.  The session on Chartership was popular with lots of helpful tips coming out of the discussion.  The session on Apps put forward 35 favourite library apps.  There were interesting and some unusual examples in the session on Collaboration.  Other sessions included Information Literacy, Social Media, Reading Groups, Your Perfect Library, Disaster management, Library Displays, eBooks …..  Everyone thought it was a really good day despite the early start and the soggy end to the day.


23 Things @ Devon Libraries: Twitter and


I now have 20 tweets about events. They are tweets about events that I have attended or future events. I will need to buy a smartphone or notepad to be able to tweet at events! I have also added 4 tweets using to share links using URL shortening.  One of the shared links is to the Gromits unleashed website as I saw 3 of the 80 Gromits unleashed in Bristol.  Another is to the Great Gorilla trail website as we now have one of the 50 gorillas in Exeter Central temporary library!  He is called William as he has Shakespeare quotes on his back.  It is the school holidays and the children are enjoying following the trail maps to find gorillas. I have also used to shorten the link to this blog page and sent a message on Twitter using the shortened URL as a link, (I checked it works).


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