Web Science: How the Web is Changing the World

Timeline showing History of the Web

Fantastic! I have finished the 23 @ Devon Libraries Social Media e-learning course. I can blog, Tweet, post on Facebook, upload photos on to Flickr, etc for leisure, work and training.

So what next? This week I have started the Web Science: How the Web is Changing the World MOOC offered by the University of Southampton. The videos of the tutors talking about different aspects of the topic and the activities really make you think about not just how the Web is changing the World but how the people who use it are changing it.

One activity was to make a timeline of the history of shaping the Web. I am 1/4 way through “50 digital ideas you really need to know” by Tom Chatfield so I thought yes I know the answer to this activity. In reaction to the 1957 launch of Sputnik by Russia the US Department of Defence created ARPANET in 1969 will be the start of my timeline. However as I read the 72 cards it did get me thinking do I need to go back further to the start of radio and electricity, but that led me to thinking you could go back as far as the start of human communication and the opposable thumb! Therefore my timeline starts in 1957. Trying to short list all that has shaped the web and trying to decide whether they have been technologically or social driven has really made me have to think!


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