CILIP Qualifications: the new regulations explained

I achieved Certification 3 years ago and having recently registered to Charter wanted to find out more about the new changes to the process.  Therefore I attended the CILIP Qualifications: the new regulations explained training at Plymouth Central Library, November 26th 2013.  Pam Martindale led the training and as a CILIP Qualifications Board Assessor and Mentor gave us a very good insight from both points of view. 


During the morning we learnt about the 3 criteria we have to demonstrate that we meet.  The 3 criteria are similar for both Certification and Chartership: personal performance and skills, your organisation and how you contribute and the wider profession.  For ACLIP the emphasis is on developing your knowledge and MCLIP focuses on what you do with your knowledge.   We also learnt about evaluation and reflective writing and their importance in the CILIP qualifications.  I found the morning very informative, wrote lot of notes, gained ideas I will pursue and promised myself that I will make more time to blog (reflectively of course). 


During lunch I enjoyed meeting and making links with other people in the library and information profession.  I work in a public city library and enjoyed finding out about life in school, college, university, etc libraries. As a result I intend to visit the libraries/work shadow some of the people I met.  


In the afternoon we learnt about using the Personal Knowledge and Skills Base and building a portfolio.  I was finding wading through the 45 page PKSB daunting, as I seemed to have many areas that needed development, so was reassured to find that we were not expected to be superhuman and know and work on all areas of the PKSB.  Therefore I am narrowing down which 5/6 areas I want to improve my score and planning how to do that.  I also have come away with the less is more message for the portfolio evidence and reflect, reflect, reflect.


I recommend both the training and the networking for anyone going for Certification, Chartering or Revalidation. 


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